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I haven't spare time right now, unfortunately. But I have some tips to increase your chances to attract some collaborators.

One thing I noticed on your project it's the lack of issues. You should create a list of issues of features you want to implement, so the interested devs will have at least a starting point. One issue per feature and one issue per know bug.

Another thing. The name of you application is "Team", but the name of the project is "Slack-Clone-Nuxt-And-Laravel". I understand you want people to know what about the project is on spot, but I suggest you rename the project to "Team". This will look by far more solid, more concise, and will avoid confrontation with the Slack company.

And the README. You should improve it to attract devs:

  • Add a description (relate to Slack here if you want).
  • Add an objective for the project.
  • Add the server requirements to install the application.
  • Add a list of used technologies (eg. Vue, Nuxt, Laravel, PHP...)
  • Add instructions about how to install.

Said that, your application is what many people was looking for. A powerful, easy to install Slack clone written in PHP.

Thank you very much. This is very insightful.


Oh! I'm having a hard time to find any one. What wrong with me ?

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