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Qasim Latif
Qasim Latif

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Suggest alternatives to JavaScript or is it better among any of them?

Hy there , this is my first post in and i am Currently planning to learn JS but i wanna know is there any good alternative to JS for Web,Mobile or JS is Better of them.Sorry for my Bad English.

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Robert Jaros

Kotlin is also an alternative to JS. It can be compiled to JavaScript, but also to many other platforms (JVM, Android, IOS, Windows, WASM).

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Hi Qasim, welcome!

There are alternatives to JS.

Elm, Reason ML with BuckleScript and TypeScript are the ones I keep hearing about but I have zero experience with either of them.

They all compile your code to JavaScript since that's the language the browsers understand.

I think you can easily build a PWA (progressive web app) with them that can be used by mobile.

If you're after a native app with one of those languages... you might probably be able to use them with React Native or something like that.