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I've made an Instagram clone with React

Diogo Goncalves
・1 min read

Hey, I hope you are having a great coding weekend 😃

Recently I've been studying React (I'm a Vue guy) and to sharpen my skills I decided to build an Instagram clone. You can check it live here, it's on Netlify and if you wanna dig the code or contribute it's on my Github.

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How it Works

The app has three pages: Feed, Comments and Stories. All the data is loaded from json files and drilled down from the page to the components.


I made it max-width 414px so if you can check it on desktop and even older phones.

What's Next

I think it'd really cool to have a dark mode. Maybe when you click on the config icon it shows some options and a switch to darkmode it.

That's all, any feedback is appreciated.
See ya ✌️

Discussion (3)

prkkhan786 profile image

The UI is amazing 🔥

diogo405 profile image
Diogo Goncalves Author

Yeah! Got the inspo from this guy on dribbble