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List of official online courses with free certificate of completion

Last November I assisted to the Big Data London 2019 event, in which I found a lot of technologies, products and services that I didn't know of. Obviously, not all of them were interesting for me, but nevertheless I went to every exhibitor web page trying to know a little bit more of each technology.

After that, I found that very few of the exhibitors had some kind of online course to start working with these technologies. As these technologies were discovered in that event, I don't work with them on a daily basis, so, if some technology was interesting to me regarding a possible future position using that technology, I wouldn't have any kind of demostrable experience / knowledge with that technology.

So, with the Big Data London 2019 experience, finding out technologies that I didn't know of, and the fact that some of them actually provide official courses, I have started a repo with a list of the technologies / services / products that provide free courses of their technologies, attached with a certificate of completion (in most cases only if you pass the quizzes / exams).

So, please feel free to contribute with more official courses or, if there is another repo doing exactly this, being more complete, please tell me :)

GitHub logo Dionakra / awesome-official-courses

List of technology related courses which have certificate of completition from their creators

Awesome official courses

In this repo you will find a list of online technology-related courses which have a certificate of completion whose owners are the owners / creators of those technologies. So, the requirements for the listed courses in this repo are:

  • The course should be official by the creators / owners / maintainers of the technology.
  • The course should have a free completion certificate.



Expiring soon

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