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Setting up a self hosted DevOps agent pool

I was setting up a new hobby project and was just setting up my Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline. When I ran the pipeline the first time, I got this new error.

[error]No hosted parallelism has been purchased or granted. To request a free parallelism grant, please fill out the following form

Bit weird so that I did some googling and I came across this article

We have temporarily disabled the free grant of parallel jobs for public projects and for certain private projects in new organizations. However, you can request this grant by submitting a request. Existing organizations and projects are not affected. Please note that it takes us 2-3 business days to respond to your free tier requests.

So that's not cool! Anyway, do what the error says and submit a form at and you should get your access in a few days.

If you really can't wait, this is how you set up a self hosted agent pool. This is kind of the same thing except you're doing it on your own desktop.

Self Hosted Agent pool

1. Go to your Organisation DevOps and add a new Agent Pool and pick SelfHosted

2. Once it's created, click on the agent pool

3. Set up a new agent

You should be presented with the following instructions to be completed on your own computer

4. Unzip the agent zip file and run it

5. When you get to config

server URL => your DevOps organisation (

authentication type => PAT

6. Generate a Personal Access Token

Go to DevOps -> Account -> Security -> Personal Access Token

Configure it by giving the relevant permissions

Copy the token and put it into the powershell window

Enter the rest of the commands as required

7. Run the pipeline

Make sure you point the pipeline to the new agent pool

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