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Common Ethics for better coding !

Last week I tried the Foobar challenge.

It is a set of coding challenges of five levels. Difficulty increases as we proceed each level. We can code the solutions in Python or Java. My weapon was Python.

I have completed 3 levels of the challenges (Further challenges are totally out of my reach!). Here are the lessons I learnt after attempting the challenge.

1. Make your concepts “crystal-clear”

Alt Text

The first challenge went quite easy. But during the second one I had to brush-up some points to be able to solve it. And that consumed my most of the time.

2. Solve the problem first

Alt Text

Solving the question prior to coding gives us an idea of what and how to code. Starting to code in vague, leads to more confusion.

3. Test your code

Alt Text

Testing the code lets us know how we can improve our code for the correct solution.

4. Take your time

Alt Text

All work and no play makes Jack dull. Thinking about a problem for long time doesn’t help much. Take a break. Fresh up your mind and then get back to code !

Alt Text

So, how’s the article ? Share your coding/learning experiences down in the discussion.

Thanks for reading !

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