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Django News #170 - Django Developers Survey 2022 Results


Django Developers Survey 2022 Results

The results of the 2022 Django Developers Survey are now live. Almost 5,000 Django users from 248 countries took the survey.

Python Insider: Python 3.12.0 alpha 6 released

Python 3.12.0a6 is the sixth of seven planned alpha releases. Alpha releases are intended to make testing the current state of new features and bug fixes easier. Today is a good time to start testing your code with Python 3.12.

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Django: How to profile and improve startup time

A post on several tools for profiling startup time and tactics for reducing it.

More Batteries Please

Django Fellow Carlton Gibson with some thoughts on how/why to bring more official batteries into Python.

Testing multiple Python versions with nox and pyenv

If you need to test your code against multiple versions of Python and Django, Nox is an excellent tool for doing so, and I find it easier to use than Tox. Seth's example is just enough to get a feel for the types of test suites one may build.

Plotting the trail for Django Cairn

A high-level post from Tim Schilling on how to design Django projects.

Django and HTMX

Tips on using Django, HTMX, and the django-htmx package.

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Upgrade Django

Upgrade Django is a simple cheat sheet to Django versions and releases with additional observations from REVSYS on the most exciting highlights, gotchas, and other information from their extensive experience upgrading clients' Django applications.


Full Django Course - Build A SaaS From Scratch

From Code with Stein, learn how to build a SaaS from scratch using Django, Tailwind and Stipe as the payment gateway.



Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development.


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