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Django News - DjangoCon Africa 2023 announced!


Announcing DjangoCon Africa 2023

The African Django community is excited to announce the first DjangoCon Africa event, taking place this year in Zanzibar, Tanzania, from 6th - 11th November 2023.

DjangoCon US Call for Proposals - Ends May 15th!

The CFP is open until May 15th. There are several posts listed in this issue with suggested talk topics.

Python Software Foundation Board Election Dates for 2023

The Python Software Foundation Board election timeline has been posted for the 2023 election. There will be four seats open on the PSF board.

Wagtail CMS

Going Green with Google Summer of Code

This year, Google Summer of Code has accepted two proposals from the Wagtail community. The team is excited to see what these collaborations will bring, following impressive contributions made in the past year.

Meet Damilola Oladele, Our First Technical Writer for Google Season of Docs 2023

The Wagtail community welcomes its first technical writer, Damilola Oladele, through the Google Season of Docs (GSoD) program. This initiative aims to enhance and modernize Wagtail's developer documentation, making it easier for new community members to learn about the latest versions and features of Wagtail.

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Sorting a Django queryset by a custom sequence of an attribute

This article demonstrates the use of Django's Case and When expressions for custom sorting of querysets, similar to employing IF-THEN-ELSE logic in SQL. The technique is instrumental when arranging model rows, like product IDs, in a predefined sequence.

DRY: Template Rendering with Context Processors

Mariusz Felisiak explores how to simplify template rendering with context processors in Django.

Send your people to DjangoCon US

Attending DjangoCon provides valuable learning experiences, networking opportunities, inspiration for new projects, and helps foster a sense of community among Django developers.

Django Consulting List

A curated list of Django consulting agencies and individuals who actively contribute to the community.


DjangoCon Europe is soon!

From May 29th - June 2nd in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tickets are available and the full conference schedule is available.

DjangoCon US Talks Iā€™d Like to See: 2023 Edition

More talk ideas from DEFNA (the organization that runs DjangoCon US) cofounder Jeff Triplett.

Topic Ideas - DjangoCon US 2023

Conference talk ideas from DEFNA director Katherine Michel. The CFP closes on May 15th!


Announcing the PyPI Safety & Security Engineer role

PyPI is hiring, thanks to funding from Amazon Web Services!



Updates were just added to fix compatibility issues with recent Django versions.


Hypothesis is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use library for property-based testing.


All-in-one Django-Docker starter kit with configurations PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Nginx and Traefik.


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