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DjangoCon Europe starts soon. PyCon Africa talks now live


Python Software Foundation News: Noah Alorwu Awarded the PSF Community Service Award for Q2 2020

Noah Alorwu, software developer and co-founder of DjangoCon Africa has been awarded the Python Software Foundation 2020 Q2 Community Service Award.

Pip: Buy a feature

The Pip team wants your input on a survey to figure out what is most important to you.


DjangoCon Europe 2020

DjangoCon Europe kicks off September 18th. Tickets are still available for €29.00 and €79.00 for anyone who wants to support DjangoCon Europe and attend virtually!


r2c blog — Not all attacks are equal: understanding and preventing DoS in web applications

From Django co-creator Jacob Kaplan-Moss, a guide to understanding and preventing Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

How to Unit Test a Django Management Command - Adam Johnson

Management commands are an extremely useful feature in Django, but can be difficult to test. Adam Johnson demonstrates how to do so.

Is Django a Full Stack Framework?

An overview of back-end vs front-end frameworks and where Django sits in the mix.

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Mystery Science Theatre 3000 with Your Friends

Privately stream movies and chat with your friends on WeeVee. Read about WeeVee’s Django tech stack and request access today!


PyCon Africa 2020 - YouTube

All the videos from PyCon Africa 2020 in a YouTube playlist.

Serving Deep Neural Networks through Django - Psalms Kalu || PyCon Africa 2020

A hands-on workshop session in which we will build a simple deep neural network from scratch using Keras and deploy it into a Django project so that users visiting our website can supply data which our model can make predictions from.

Tairu Oluwafemi - Building production worthy websites with Django || PyCon Africa 2020 - YouTube

What to focus on when building an app for deployment to any cloud hosting platform, notably security, usability, query optimization, and scalability.

Turn Django admin into a lightweight dashboard - Thomas Ayih-Akakpo || PyCon Africa 2020 - YouTube

Use Django's ORM to create useful summary tables and a few charts in the admin.

How to build a simple Twitter clone using Django and Vue.js (3 hours +)

From Code With Stein, a comprehensive tutorial.


Django Chat - Django Community Survey

We’re back after a few weeks away! We discuss the Django Community Survey results, virtual conferences taking place, upcoming Django Technical Board vote, and more.

Running in Production - Social Hiring Platform for the Food and Beverage Industry

NdustryLink is a social hiring platform for the food and beverage industry. It’s built with Django, hosted on Heroku, and took about 9 months of full time development to build as a solo developer.

Django Riffs - Administering Your App

A look at Django's built-in admin app and how to manage your data within it.


GitHub logo jsocol / django-ratelimit

Cache-based rate-limiting for Django

Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.

GitHub logo jazzband / django-dbbackup

Management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files

Django Database Backup

Documentation Status Jazzband

This Django application provides management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files with various storages such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, local file storage or any Django storage.

It is made to:

  • Allow you to secure your backup with GPG signature and encryption
  • Archive with compression
  • Deal easily with remote archiving
  • Keep your development database up to date
  • Use Crontab or Celery to setup automated backups


See our official documentation at Read The Docs.

Why use DBBackup

This software doesn't reinvent the wheel, in a few words it is a pipe between your Django project and your backup storage. It tries to use the traditional dump &amp restore mechanisms, apply compression and/or encryption and use the storage system you desire.

It gives a simple interface to backup and restore your database or media files.

Management Commands


Backup your database to…

Management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files.

GitHub logo saxix / django-adminactions

collection of useful django actions to use with ModelAdmin or AdminSite.


Pypi coverage Test Docs

Collection of useful actions to use with django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin and/or django.contrib.admin.AdminSite

Please see the changelog at


  • Export as CSV
  • Export as Excel
  • Export as fixture
  • Export delete tree
  • Mass update records
  • Graph queryset
  • Merge records
  • Find Duplicates

Project Links

Collection of useful django actions to use with ModelAdmin or AdminSite.

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