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Django News - Issue 4


DjangoCon Europe 2020

The official site is now live! The dates are May 27-31 in Porto, Portugal. A call for talk submissions is coming soon...


Improve your tests in Django with fakes and factories

An introduction into unit testing in Django using faker and factories.

Django Testing Tutorial

A beginner-friendly guide to adding tests to any Django project.


EuroPython 2019: Advanced pytest

Explore pytest plugins to take your testing to the next level.

DjangoCon US 2019: The Unspeakable Horror of Discovering You Didn't Write Tests

Melanie Crutchfield discusses real-world testing.


Profitable Python Podcast: Professional Developer Resources for Django

An interview with William Vincent on how to learn Django, using it in production, and more.

Performance | Django Chat

An overview of common and uncommon techniques for improving performance in a Django application.


model_bakery - Object factory for Django

Model Bakery offers you a smart way to create fixtures for testing in Django.

django-test-migrations for testing schema and data migrations

Test django schema and data migrations, including migrations' order.

django-test-plus - Useful additions to Django's default TestCase

Useful additions to Django's default TestCase

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