Your codebase is your garden

dlion profile image Domenico Luciani Originally published at domenicoluciani.com on ・1 min read

I always liked your codebase is like a garden metaphor, it says that writing software is like gardening, you have to take care of your garden in many ways and time to time you have to move plantings relative to each other, consider how to take advantage of the wind, rain and sunlight to help your plants to grow and have good health. Every day you have to monitor them and make adjustments as needed. Like your code. But how can we do it in practice becoming good gardeners? Continue to read...


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Nice metaphor. I try to spend some time cleaning up before implementing a new feature. It can be easy to go too deep down that rabbit hole or cause unintended bugs, so I try to show restraint. But I find regular minimal refactoring very helpful to maintain code quality.