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Trouble with Angular ngOnInit

I have an app that I inherited from somebody that left our organization.
I’m having a problem with ngOnInit not working the way I think it should.
I’m still pretty new using Angular and Observables

I can see in the console when I navigate to the component it entering the ngOnInit method, what I don’t see is the statement in the subscribe for the response being executed.
Once I’m in the component, I can refresh the page and then I can see the statement in the subscribe.

My question is why don’t I see the statement when I first navigate to the component?

Component ngOnInit method

ngOnInit(): void {'Entering ngOnInit - Home Component');

  this.profile.getProfile().subscribe((resp) => {

      this.currentUser = this.local.getObject(StorageItems.UserProfile) as IMSALUserProfile;'Current User: ', + JSON.stringify(this.currentUserInit));
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This is what my service looks like, it’s a service that is fetching user profile information from Azure Active Directory using MSAL
import { HttpClient, HttpHeaders } from '@angular/common/http';
import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { BaseService } from './base.service';
import { AuthError } from '@azure/msal-browser';
import { LoggerService } from './logger.service';
import { Observable, of } from 'rxjs';
import { IMSALUserProfile } from '../../shared/interfaces/msaluserprofile';
import { SessionService } from './session.service';
import { StorageItems } from '../../shared/interfaces/enums/storage.model';
import { LocalStorageService } from './local-storage.service';
import { UserService } from './user.service';
import { IUserInit } from '../../shared/interfaces/userinit';
providedIn: 'root'
export class UserProfileService extends BaseService {

currentUser!: IMSALUserProfile;
currentUserInit!: IUserInit;

constructor(private http: HttpClient,
private logger: LoggerService,
private session: SessionService,
private local: LocalStorageService,
private userInit: UserService) {

public getProfile(): Observable {

let sessionUser = this.session.getItem(StorageItems.UserProfile);

if (sessionUser.length !== 0) {
  this.currentUser = JSON.parse(this.session.getItem(StorageItems.UserProfile));

let profile!: IMSALUserProfile;

if (this.currentUser) {

  profile = this.currentUser as IMSALUserProfile;
} else {
    next: (profile) => {
      profile = profile;

      this.local.setItem(StorageItems.UserProfile, profile);
      this.session.setItem(StorageItems.UserProfile, JSON.stringify(profile));

      this.currentUser = profile as IMSALUserProfile;
    error: (err: AuthError) => {'Authentication error');

this.local.setItem(StorageItems.UserProfile, profile);
this.session.setItem(StorageItems.UserProfile, JSON.stringify(profile));

return of(profile);
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John Peters

Put a debugger statement before this line, then press f12 to open dev tools on next run.

 this.currentUser = this.local.getObject(StorageItems.UserProfile) as IMSALUserProfile;
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When the debugger hits, press f10 to single step into the program but keep the browser console window open. You'll probably see some errors there.