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Summer 2018: Massive, Twice Over

NDC talks are up!

There's also the FullStack London version which is slightly condensed for a shorter timeslot, if you have a SkillsMatter account and want to get right to the fun parts.

If you've read (almost) anything I've written, text or code, odds are you've run into Massive.js. On the off chance you haven't, the elevator pitch is that PostgreSQL exclusivity lets you get a lot more mileage out of your database (as long as it's Postgres) and JavaScript being a dynamically typed, functional-ish language lets you get away with it really easily.

This talk goes over Massive in much more depth: first laying out a case for alternatives to the dominant object-relational mapping data access technique, in general and especially in JavaScript; and then diving into the architecture of Massive itself with plenty of examples. Also, there's some trivia about early 20th century Russian avant-garde art and another bit poking fun at French modernist architect Le Corbusier.

It's the second talk I've done, and overall I was pretty happy with how it went in Oslo and London both! I'm the furthest thing from a natural public speaker but I covered what I wanted to cover, finished at a reasonable time, and didn't screw anything up too badly -- so that's a success in my book. And after all, the only way to improve this particular skill is to keep doing it.

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