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I was walking down the stairs when my computer science department president stopped me and asked me to help him come up with cool ideas on programs or events for the semester. Our department is very boring and we want to make it feel as it's supposed to. Please I need suggestions and I appreciate all your contributions. THANKS

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How about a tic tac toe game, but each square is numbered randomly. After both players have moved all the pieces move up one number. Teaches array randomisation, array shifting and akgortymn checking to see if there is a winning line.

Soduku solver. 3 sets of 9x9 nested arrays that have to. Be kept in sync. Rules to solve each row get more complex.
Question. What is the fewest number of pre filled squares needed to be able to solve the puzzle with only one answer

Simple lunar lander game. Left right and up thrust. Deal with gravity acceleration and air resistance calcs, colission detection and speed on 2 axis. Make it more complex with rotate and thrust.


Well, I'm organizing a hackathon. I'm a CS student too bro! Also, you can invite speakers and organize talks, about some interesting topics: face recognition, natural language processing, neural networks, bioinformatics, or you can invite some enterprise to speak about their open job positions and how to improve CVs... those are some cool stuff that we see often at our Uni, hope it helps!

PD: do a really good diffusion: share the events everywhere, spread the word, you don't want to spend weeks planning and nobody attending.

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