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Use prototyping to fail intelligently

What is prototyping and why do I need it?
When many of us hear prototype the first things that pop in our brains are robots with some wires on them or making a work reference/blueprint for our next big tech ideas. Prototyping is rather just about testing a startup idea and pivoting ideas for its market fit.
Note: Prototyping is all about failing early so you don't fail late.

It's not about getting it right the first or second time, but it's about rapidly improving your idea through try and error which is less risky than making a full deployment before testing your idea.

A chef
Let's say you are a chef who has a new idea. what you do is to make different versions of your product for your customers and as they consume your product you request for feedbacks which will help you refine your recipe to suit them. This isn't just showing people your idea but also improving on it.

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