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Database... or Goose?

Once a platform reaches a certain amount of usage, database migration can quickly bring a platform down. For example, adding a column, if not done carefully, can block entirely lock a table for a few minutes.

At Doctolib, we developed safe-pg-migrations, a tool which automatically makes migrations safe. In 2018, we open-sourced this library. From an internal solution developed by our team only, it is now used on other projects, and even received contribution from external authors.

To acknowledge, we decided to give safe-pg-migrations a logo. Our design team came up with two propositions.

parachute logo bird logo

We would like you to help us choose the best logo. To do so, answer to the survey on the tweet bellow:

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abhinav1217 profile image
Abhinav Kulshreshtha • Edited

I want to say Goose, but Database on parachute would be more professional and clear. Just looking at database on parachute makes it clear its a logo of a "tool for a database".

qmenoret profile image
Quentin Ménoret


tak1n profile image
Benjamin Klotz

Obviously Goose ;)

aqlx86 profile image
Arnel Labarda

How about a goose carrying a database.

bankair profile image
Alexandre Ignjatovic

Goose!! <3

thhareau profile image
Thomas Hareau

I'm in the goose team too :)