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Trunk 0.4.0 | Layered config (Trunk.toml), JS Snippets & release binaries

Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web.

Pertinent Highlights

  • In addition to CLI arguments and options, Trunk now supports layered configuration via Trunk.toml & environment variables.
  • There is an example Trunk.toml to the root of the repository showing all possible config values along with their defaults. Link above.
  • JS snippets generated by wasm-bindgen are now fully supported by Trunk. They should have been since the 0.1.0, but I overlooked that feature :). Docs for wasm-bindgen JS snippets.
  • Release binaries will now be uploaded to the Github release page for every future release. This is great for CI/CD. Brew formulae for Mac/Linux, and Choco package for Windows are in the works.

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