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Fresh Start

Domenico Solazzo
Tech Lead. Software Engineer. Family man. Fitness lover. I want to build great products. Opinions are my own.
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2020 has been such a tough year.

For me.
For everyone.

I had so many dreams, plans, and things I wanted to do.
Something went well, something didn't.

We can't talk about the cause might have been the pandemic or other external causes but I am of the opinion that when you fail, it is all on you. No excuses accepted.

From failure, you must learn and do better the next time.
2021 is here and I am ready to make this one of the best years in my life.

I wish the same to you and everyone who has been so supportive of me over the years!
If I still create content, it is because of you! <3

I am back and this is a fresh start!

Let's stay connected online and looking forward to talking with you!

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