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How to Find Your Next Project Idea

A common question is get often looks like I have no idea what to work on. Can you suggest to me project ideas in Python / Javascript / <add a programming language here>?⁣


Chances are that you are trying to get that new shiny job, you are updating your portfolio, you are making a university project or you want to show off your skills.⁣

Either way, you will probably need some projects to work on. Projects that can give you credibility about your skills.⁣

People want to start these side projects but often they get stuck thinking too big. They want ideas that are original, big or never been tackled before by other companies.

That’s not always the case while working on side projects.

You don’t always need an original idea.
You are not starting a company.
You are just building skills.

How can find your next project idea?

Scratch Your Own Itch

Scratching your own itch is one of the best ways to find side projects that you will enjoy working on.

That's easier than you think. Just look around you. ⁣
Look for ideas around things you love or hate to do, common activities you do every day, something fun for you, or just a problem you have in your life.⁣

These are all areas for finding great and interesting projects ideas that you can enjoy working on...⁣

Write a diary of all the things that you do during your day.

  • What could be done better?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What would you like to add to your day but you always forget?
  • What do you do in your spare time?⁣

Answering these questions could give you some good ideas.


For example, let's say that you like to go to the gym: maybe you have a better idea for a fitness/nutrition app. ⁣

What about if you love playing video games? Build your own game could be a fun and interesting experience.

Are you learning a musical instrument? Build an app or website for a better understanding of musical knowledge could the way to go.

Do you love eating good food but you do not know how to cook? Try to build the new recipe product⁣ that teaches you how to cook step by step.


These were just examples but you know better than anybody else to find your next project idea.

Start with your own itch and find ideas around it. Probably, these ideas will already exist but that's not a problem. It is just a confirmation that could be a viable and worthy idea to work on. ⁣

Designing, and/or building these kinds of project ideas would require you to put lots of creativity, attention to detail as well as working with tools, technologies that you want to work with and could be helpful for your career.⁣


Plus, it is going to be fun, because you came out with an idea around something you really need.⁣

Now, that I told you how to find project ideas, what are you planning to build and why?⁣

Leave a comment below, I am curious to hear your next project!⁣


Domenico is a software developer with a passion for design, psychology, and leadership.
If you need help with software development, you need consultancy for your technical challenges or you need a leader for your software team or just want to collaborate online, feel free to contact me!

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Domenico Solazzo

Which projects are you working on?

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Alex Daro

Great post!

I’m scratching my own itch by creating — a JavaScript snippet you can add to your website to display and schedule announcement banners.

I had the idea after building out the same exact tool for a client I work with. They sell a consumer hardware product on their Shopify website and constantly need to run and announce different types of promotions and discounts.

I got tiered of having to modify the HTML every time the banner needed to change so I built an easy to use editor along with a scheduler to help!

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Domenico Solazzo

That’s what I mean as ‘scratching your own itch’

Which challenges did you found while developing this solution?

Thread Thread
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Alex Daro

There’s been many! Everything from customer development to technical challenges. It’s still early days with the product and often times it’s hard to determine what to work in next. I plan on writing a longer form blog post about it some day.

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I’m just at a stage in my work where I have struggled in the current climate on a family therapy MA after completing the third year I have Made a decision to withdraw. I am finding my confidence at 57 has been deeply knocked and although I already have an MA and lots of experience in the therapy area of work and a social work degree I am doubting my work and ability.
How can I pick myself up in my current role for eleven years I am thinking of a change but springing between doing something in an area that’s totally new and less pressured or staying with the same and re valuing the skills I have But each job I look at I feel incapable of applying for. I’m thinking this is a temporary feeling but it’s a hard place to be any ideas helpful.
Visit my blog below

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Abubakar omar • Edited

I really enjoyed reading this article. It was informative, well-written, and thought-provoking. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about this important topic.

I also read an article about toxicwap that you might find interesting. You can read it here

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