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Dominik Gorczyca
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Module 7 - Working with APIs

Module 7 behind me and I finally got to learn about Basic Web Architecture and APIs decently! I also made a Quiz project that took me far longer than it should because of burnout.

First Part was hard but I learned a lot, it explained how internet works and introduced many terms like:

  • DNS(Domain name system)
  • ISP(Internet user provider)
  • Request
    • Request types(GET, POST, DELETE)
    • Web protocols(http, ftp)
    • Domain name
    • ports
    • path
    • query argument
  • Response
    • status(200, 500)
  • TLS & SSL
  • Routing
  • Caching
  • App & Database
  • Hosting & Serverless
  • Microservices
  • Firewall

Second Part also wasn't easy but it finally cleared up a lot about APIs and Promises and explaining how to use:

  • GET and POST requests
  • fetch
  • JSON
  • .then & .catch
  • async & await

Third Part gave few challenges to practice my newfound knowledge further and introduced more methods for fetch and promises:

  • .finally
  • Promise.all & Promise.race

This part was a bit confusing as concepts to complete challenges weren't introduced until you completed them.

Forth Part explained properly syntax from previous part and as the last project of this module was Beer app.

After completing it I went to make APIs Quiz (link on top of the post) but because I couldn't find any API with desired questions I was forced to use basic JavaScript questions.
There aren't many questions so I decided to spice it up a bit and create a timer, try to be as fast as possible and share in the comment how many points did you managed to get!

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