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Why is Hacktoberfest the perfect opportunity for devs to improve

With COVID-19 lurking in the shadows and gaining strength as Autumn approaches, the original version of the traditional German festival seems unlikely to happen. Why not crack a cold one next to your computer and celebrate the open source software.

About Hacktoberfest

This month-long event could be described as a celebration of open source software. Developers and other enthusiasts are encouraged to contribute to their favorite open source repositories and help owners fix some bugs or create new features. By the end of the month, you can get a reward from Digital Ocean - organizers of Hacktoberfest.

Beginners, Intermediates.. doesn't matter!

It of course differs from repo to repo, but it is a convention to label the issues with their difficulty, so a beginner could select something his skills are sufficient and the intermediate or senior can choose the right issues for him to further progress his skills. This event is truly for everyone.

The Hacktoberfest is about community

The Hacktoberfest is about community

This code is good, right?

Well, I don't know, but I am certain who will - repository owners a.k.a senior developers, and other battle-hardened professionals 🤓 These devs can provide valuable feedback to your pull requests, which can progress your skills and give you a bigger picture, what to focus on, where to learn that, and how can you avoid similar mistakes. I cannot speak for everyone, but we at DX Heroes will definitely provide this feedback to all of our amazing contributors and we encourage others to do as well.

Cannot code, but still want to participate

This event was always mainly for developers, but that doesn't mean people like tech writers cannot participate as well! 🤩 You will likely have a harder time finding suitable repos for your contributions there are definitely some open source blogs or knowledge bases (like ours DX Knowledge Base, wink wink 😆). Hacktoberfest is truly about community and doesn't matter if you are dev, designer, tech writer, or just an enthusiast - we can progress open source software to a whole new level, together.

The Hacktoberfest 2020 is starting in just 13 days - prepare your pull requests, improve the open source projects, learn new things, and most importantly - let's have tons of fun!

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