The Lying Desk and the Patate Technique

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The Lying Desk and the Patate Technique

We hear all about the stand up desks and even the treadmill desk. The shtick is that sitting at a desk is the new smoking. Well, that's all well and good, in terms of movement, exercise, calories, and such but understand that sleep is more important than exercise. Actually, experts say they are equal but they always list or say "sleep" before "exercise", so there you go.

Introducing the lie down desk. You can do it on the floor but I prefer a good couch.

The Patate Technique

My brilliance doesn't stop with the lie down desk: We all have heard of, and many of you may practice, the Pomodoro technique. Well, I'm ramped the Pomodoro up -- by reversing it. Instead of working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break, I nap for 25 minutes then work for 5. I call it the Patate technique (patate is Italian for potato and is basically the opposite of a tomato.)

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of sleep. Don't trust me. Listen to what world-wide expert on sleeping, Jim Gaffigan, has to say: "Given my passion for sleep, it is no surprise how I feel about naps. I believe in Naps." Gaffigan goes on about the importance of naps with: "I understand that naps are usually reserved for babies and old people, but I don't discriminate."

You're probably thinking: might all that napping during the day mess up your sleep at night? Well, that's the beauty of the lying desk and the Patate technique. I'm so rested after a day's hard work that I can use late night to do what is truly important in life: Facebook, binge watching Netflix, Snapchat, Twitter, and texting.

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A company called AltWork actually sells an $8500 desk for this...


That sucks. Guess I'll cancel my Shark Tank presentation.


Just launch an ICO to crowd-fund for R&D. You can take that company on!


Ah yes, the Grandma's boy desk.


I ordered one of these workstations from this company (Altwork). They took my money and never sent me anything at all, then vaporized into thin air. Beware.


Potatoes and tomatoes are more closely related than you think! They're both in the solanaceae or nightshade family.

That said, solid idea, now to sell my boss on it....


Thank you for that clarification. Nevertheless, I make a better Couch Potato than Couch Tomato.


This is awesome!! Thank you for writing it. It gave me a smile during my 5-awake minutes. Now, back to the nap 🙃


It's great to know that people around the world uses right techniques to achieve the best! :)