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Part One: Learn Ruby With Me - What is Ruby?

I recently just finished my Nanodegree from Udacity, but I wanted to keep busy so I am learning Ruby. I am not sure if I want to go all in on Ruby or just want some exposure to it.

They say you learn the best, when you teach what you've learn. Every week, I will "teach" through blog posts to not only help someone else, but also reiterate what I'm learning.

I want to teach not only the syntax, but also show the application. One thing I struggled with when learning programming languages, is learning the syntax but not having any clue how to apply this when developing.

Coming from a JavaScript background, I may use JavaScript references to help me also better understand explaining Ruby.

First Things First:

1. What is Ruby?

  • According to the Ruby website, it's a: dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write

In others words: You can use Ruby like any other general-purpose scripting language

2. What can I build with Ruby?

  • Web applications, web servers, system utilities, database work, backups, parsing, even biology and medicine.

3. You may say: "I hear Ruby and Ruby on Rails all the time, what is it? Are they same?

  • Ruby is the Programming Language
  • Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework that is implemented in Ruby.

In other words: It's what React is to Javascript. React is the framework while Javascript is the programming language.

4. Who uses Ruby?

  • AirBnb

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yorodm profile image
Yoandy Rodriguez Martinez

Ruby is happiness, freedom, and fun, all in one, like bubble gum and cotton candy, and unicorns eating candy under a rainbow 🍭 🦄 🌈.

Now seriously. Ruby used to be the "go to" language for startups and freelancers, in the last five years or so has lost a little terrain due to some discussion about it's performance. Nevertheless, Ruby is one of those things that you should learn, cause it will make you a better professional (IMHO).

liltechnomancer profile image
Levi ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

I miss writing ruby from time to time. it really is happiness freedom and fun all in one lol

alialhajji profile image
Ali Alhajji

Learning the syntax without knowing how to apply it in real projects .. this is still my main problem in the programming world!

rhymes profile image

Hi Ali, what do you mean? Like you don't know what to code or you don't know how to use Ruby well enough to be useful?

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I’m always up for a good old fashioned Ruby party.

lysofdev profile image
Esteban Hernández

Everything in Ruby is an expression.

stevetwitte profile image
Stephen Taylor Witte

Ruby is excellent and so is Rails, I have always loved my time with Ruby, and Rails is still one of the quickest paths to MVP (most times).

There are some downsides to using Ruby, but I would say they exist in most scripting languages.

joaogouveia profile image

I've used Ruby in lot of APIs and it is so cool.
The think I like the most is its super low entry cost. Anyone can pick up Ruby.
And who doesn't love the "return if". It is super easy to read.
I just love it.

aadeshere1 profile image
Aadesh Shrestha

A gem with its own gems

koeusiss profile image
Sebri Issam

Ruby is the first programing language I met, and the main reason why I switched my career to be a software engineer. It's the language behind the almighty 'Metasploit' and many DevOps tools, such as 'Puppet', 'Chef', 'Vagrant' ...

arnabsen1729 profile image
Arnab Sen

Can you add why ruby is used compared to other languages available?

walkhard13 profile image
Phillip Smith

I see what you did there 😁

rnrnshn profile image

I've been looking for resources to learn ruby... Thank you😍. I will stay tuned to learn it not only from here but this tutorials posts will be my jumpstart...

donita profile image

Thank you! I hope it will help a lot!