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Need contribution, Node-GTK project

What is Node-GTK?

Node-GTK is a work in progress to bring GTK+ can usable directly from NodeJS so that the environment would be more updated and supported than the one available via GJS. It uses the GObject Introspection library (as PyGObject, for example), so any GObject-Introspectable library is supported.

Why Node-GTK is useful?

This is very useful for those of you who want to build desktop applications that can run on Linux, Mac, Windows using javascript. With the help of NodeJS (C / C ++ Addon) and GTK +, we can easily build cross-platform desktop applications. maybe you have already tried Electron, but we know that it runs onbrowser runtime. Of course, it requires large memory and size. Even for a simple application like a calculator, you need a minimum of 40MB to install it. Therefore, with this Node-GTK project, we hope we can overcome that problem.

What types of contributions are needed?

  • API documentation
  • Testing code performance
  • Bind C ++ libraries to NodeJS (Node C / C ++ Addon)
  • Creating an effective and efficient API (JS and C ++)
  • Code Review
  • Test and report problems and feedback

List of possible programming languages?

  • Javascript (NodeJS)
  • Shell Script Language (Bash. Etc)
  • C++

I hope this would be helpful for them that want to make their first contribution to the open-source project.

Thank you...

Repo => Node-GTK

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Binyamin Green

I was just wondering whether something like this existed! Count me in!