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A master list of Pluralsight courses that will jumpstart your career

One of the biggest mistakes in life that you can do is stop learning. With the rapid technological development and progress, new trends emerge just as fast as the information gets outdated. If you want to stay relevant in your career, you need to keep up to date. And it doesn't apply solely for tech professionals - almost every industry is changing as you read this.

This is why I am such a huge fan of Pluralsight (Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this article). For the past two years, I've been using it both to learn and create. And I've been very happy with it - they select the best speakers and high-quality courses, you can get it at the price of a Netflix Premium account and the community support is outstanding. .

Some of my peers asked for recommendations, so I've combined my favorite courses into one list. But first of all, I wanted to clarify one thing: Pluralsight offers more than just technical courses. This is a popular misconception, but you can find courses on a career change, marketing, leadership among the others.

Want to learn Product Marketing? You're covered with this course by Jillian Kaplan.

Not a marketing person? Maybe Product Management is your thing? Here is another good one by Jillian Kaplan.

There's something for the writing community as well. This course by Alan Ackmann highlights the importance of writing for job hunting.

One of my favorite authors on the platform is Jason Alba. If you're searching for a job, his course on Job Search and Career might be just what you need.

Want to learn how and why UX Research can help you create intuitive and delightful experiences? Krispian Emert has all the answers.

Maybe UX Design is more suitable for you? Learn what UX designers do, how they do it, and how you can get started in the field from Kurt Krumme.

Speaking of design, there's an entire path dedicated to Photoshop. Even if you're an expert, you may still be surprised by some of its contents.

When you already know design, the next step might be to create a working Website from scratch. Craig Shoemaker will be your guide on this journey.

Want to go deeper? Why not try creating stylesheets and adding style rules using different types of CSS selectors with Susan Simkins.

Interested in animation? Try making some cute moving things with Rachel Nabors. 

Once you handle the basics you may want to find some frameworks. On the frontend, you can choose between the most popular ones: Angular by Deborah Kurata or React by Samer Buna.

Frontend is not your cup of tea? Well, maybe backend with Python and Django with code sensei Reindert-Jan Ekker then?

Having a Web application ready you'll want to deploy it somewhere. Check out whether Docker or Kubernetes is a way to go by Nigel Poulton.

While we're at it, before you start growing, it may help to get some DevOps Fundamentals. Learn with Richard Seroter.

If you decide to go with Kubernetes, Anthony Nocentino will help you get there fast.

Now, you'll probably want to put your work in the cloud. But which one?

GCPcloud? Howard Dierking explains the fundamentals.

AWS cloud? Justin Menga shares how to keep the budget tight.

Azure? Matt Milner is your guy.

You may also consider some Domain-Driven Design (architecture design, nor graphic or UX design) to make sure your application will be easier to develop. Check out this course co-authored by Steve Smith and Julie Lerman.

To keep track of the changes, you'll probably use Git. Paolo Perrotta has something to show you to make you better equipped.

If you're more of a GUI person, this course by Xavier Morera will help as well.

And Git is also the tool used by many Open Source projects, so why not consider contributing on GitHub with Kamran Ayub as your guide?

Web applications are not your cup of tea? Maybe some good old C++ is a better choice, Kate Gregory knows all about it.

Or maybe you've heard Elon Musk and Sam Altman talking about AI and want to get a piece of the action? Computer Vision by Xavier Morera  is your first step to building a self-driving car (even if it will be a LEGO one).

And here are some courses by yours truly.

If you like them, click on the Follow button to be notified when something new and exciting pops up (and to bring me some joy). This also applies to all the other great authors sharing their knowledge. Rating and followers mean the world to us!

So many great courses for around the price of a Netflix Premium account! And until the 28th of August, they are available with a 33% discount.

Any other great courses that should make it on this list?

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