DoSomething.org is Hiring an Infrastructure Engineer

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DoSomething.org is a movement to create the most socially active generation in history.

  • We fight for our members every single day. We care deeply about activating millions of young people around the world to make impact in their communities.

  • We believe in young people. We believe all young people have the agency to create social change and we provide them with the guidance to make it happen.

  • We don’t hire just anybody. We work hella hard, we move super fast, and we’re a bunch of weirdos. We want people who get excited to come to work at our dynamic office every day.

  • We genuinely stand behind who we are and what we do. No faking it here. Everyone on our staff has their own “why for coming to work every day. What will yours be?

DoSomething.org is the largest tech company exclusively for young people and social change. We have the stability of a 24-year-old institution, but we look, feel, and operate like a tech-forward startup. We are way more fun than wherever you’re working at right now.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and creative engineer who bridges infrastructure and applications development. This position will be in our NYC office.

Our team

DoSomething.org is over a third product & engineering on a staff of about 60. We’re a diverse team, and know our diversity makes us better technologists. We’re collaborative, productive, and enthusiastic coders working with Node, PHP (Laravel & Drupal), Python, RabbitMQ, React, Ansible, bash scripts, MongoDB, and more.

DoSomething.org was a finalist in the 2017 Diversity In Tech awards.

How we work

Our software is open source by default. We manage work in GitHub and Pivotal Tracker. Every pull request is peer-reviewed.

We deploy often, through Slack using our Hubot friend, George. We continuously integrate with Jenkins and Wercker. We host in AWS and Heroku. We maintain quality with unit and functional testing, and manual QA through The Specialists Guild. We measure and monitor with New Relic, StatHat, Logstash, Runscope, Ghost Inspector, Keen.io, and Looker.

We're always looking for better ways to work, and end each sprint with a retrospective. We document our values and practices in an open-source repo.

What you’ll do

  • Support our engineers: Collaborate closely with our development teams. You’ll be working with the teams to unblock them and speed them on their way with tools, documentation, problem solving, and insights. The goal is always to deploy as much as possible, and to have the dev teams own as much of the deployment process as possible.

  • Support our infrastructure: With the rest of your team, work to make our environment ever more stable, understandable, secure, monitored, and affordable. Schedule your PagerDuty coverage with the rest of the team to achieve a predictable and humane support schedule.

Communicate with the team: Keep your teammates up to speed with clear, timely updates on priorities, initiatives, and problem solving. Be an example to others of how to use Slack, GitHub, and your own special human voice to communicate clearly.

Keep things secure: We value our members’ privacy. Help us evolve our security practice by documenting, researching, learning, and integrating secure practices. Follow security researchers on Twitter, and look for security patch announcements for our software.

What you should have

  • Causiness (not a word): You believe in DoSomething.org and the power of young people. You want a great career in tech, and part of that means knowing that your work contributes to a greater good. You’re not satisfied with using your skills and passion just to get more people to click on a button, or increase ad revenue.

  • 2+ years building scalable infrastructure, configuration management, and deployment systems.

  • Supporting LAMP & Node apps: You’ve had your hands dirty with production support, scaling concerns, caching strategies, database tuning. (Other LAMP, Node, Python, DB experience is good, too.)

  • Config in code: You have hands-on experience with Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt, or similar, enough to know the benefits as well as the messy sides of configuration management. You know how to work in a modern source control system like GitHub.

  • Real-world learning: You’ve seen nasty bugs appear in production or critical files get deleted, and have seen both good and bad reactions to emergencies.

  • OPTIONAL: Open source: You have some interesting things on GitHub, or have contributed in some other way to the tech community (includes supporting community tech groups and speaking at Meetups).


  • Your cover letter should be no longer than 100 words and should let us know why you'd be excited work at DoSomething.org specifically!

The Perks

  • The ability to mobilize 5.5 million young people to change the world (need we say more?!)
  • 3 weeks vacation plus the week between Christmas and New Years (plus Summer Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day!). And your birthday & Valentine’s Day off...and a half-day on Halloween. If you’re in costume. Seriously.
  • A fun office environment, a gong, brownie bake-offs, spontaneous Hamilton references, and the best coworkers you could ask for.
  • Five (or six? We're losing count. That many!) different ways of making coffee.
  • An incredibly compelling reason to wake up and make it to work every day.
  • DoSomething.org is an equal opportunity employer. (Although we do reserve the right to discriminate against people who wear white socks with dark shoes...)

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