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Are you reading the "What's New" in .NET docs?

Are you reading the

Did you know that every month, the docs team at Microsoft has a post for what's new in the .NET documentation?

For each month there are new articles, updates to existing docs, and kudos for the community contributors.

It's super easy to get involved in contributing to the docs for the related technologies you are invested or interested in. See the Microsoft docs contributors guide or simply click the "Edit" link at the top of any doc to get started, they are all open source!

Here are some of the highlights forlast month .NET Docs

The Architecting Cloud-Native Apps for Azure architecture guide e-book added some new sections -

C# language revised the Value types and added new xml documentation

.NET added a great new article in the .NET Guide on How to migrate from Newtonsoft.Json to System.Text.Json

Other areas of the docs are also adding similar related what's new pages too. Check out ASP.NET Core docs updates and Xamarin updates too!

The docs continue to grow and evolve. Check in often on these pages to keep up to date with the latest content.

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fdrobidoux profile image
Félix Dion-Robidoux

It's mind-blowing how few of my fellow dev coworkers over the years didn't take the time to get up to date with the latest releases of their main programming tools. Anyone who does so could instantly become a go-to resource in their workplace, and that all starts with sharing that knowledge with peers.

timothymcgrath profile image
Timothy McGrath

I need an RSS Feed for the monthly update. That'd make this amazing!