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Let's Learn .NET - C# - Free Live Stream Event

Let's Learn .NET is a monthly beginner series that walks through the fundamentals of using C# and .NET. This month, let’s start at the beginning with learning a modern, productive, and evolving programming language C#. C# (pronounced See-Sharp) is an open-source type-safe programming language that is part of .NET That enables you to build any type of application including mobile, web, cloud, desktop, IoT, and more. Together, we will learn what C# is, how to get started learning directly from the browser, and then what tools you can install to learn more!

This fun, beginner's series will teach you all about the fundamentals of everyday technologies and how you can master them using C# and .NET.


Friday, April 30th at 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific


Streaming live for FREE on Microsoft Learn TV. Sign-in, ask questions, and learn how to start programming with C#.


Come learn something new and leave with something that we all built, together, live with experts. Here is the agenda for the event:

Introductions (5 mins):

  • Meet the team!

Fundamentals (20 mins):

  • C# 101

    • What is C#?
    • What can you build with C#?
    • How can you contribute to C#?
  • Pre-requisites & installation

Workshop I (35 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

Workshop II (35 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

Special Guest (10 mins):

  • Special guest appearance to share some awesome updates about education!

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