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Let's Learn .NET - Microservices - Free Live Stream Event

Let's Learn .NET is a monthly beginner series that walks through the fundamentals of using C# and .NET. This month, jumpstart your experience building Microservices with .NET! Learn about what microservices are, why you need them, and how to build them with C# and .NET. You will leave with an understanding of how a container, images, hub, and orchestrator all relate to each other.

This fun, beginner's series will teach you all about the fundamentals of everyday technologies and how you can master them using C# and .NET.


Friday, March 26th at 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific


Streaming live for FREE on Microsoft Learn TV. Sign-in, ask questions, and learn how to build Microservices with .NET, Docker, and Kubernetes.


Come learn something new and leave with something that we all built, together, live with experts. Here is the agenda for the event:

Introductions (5 mins):

  • Meet the team!

Fundamentals (20 mins):

  • Microservices 101

    • What are microservices?
    • Why are they important?
    • What tooling is needed for development?
  • Pre-requisites & installation

Workshop I (35 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

Workshop II (35 mins):

Q&A (10 mins):

  • Get your questions answered live!

Open Discussion (10 mins):

  • Let's discuss the learnings and what else is on your mind.

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Looking for more?

Join the Cloud Skills Challenge on Microsoft Learn!

Microservice architecture is a style that structures an application as a collection of services which are highly maintainable & testable, loosely coupled, independently deployable, organized around business capabilities, and owned by a small team. Follow this challenge to skill up on using .NET and microservices.

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