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Over the past 26 weeks, this blog has hosted a series of ASP .NET Core articles to cover 26 different topics from A-Z. Below is a sneak peek of an upcoming eBook that will combine all 26 blog posts as 26 chapters of the book.

ASPNETCoreLogo-300x267 A – Z of ASP .NET Core!

Things to note:

  • The eBook is still a work in progress 🙂
  • I’m using my Worker Service sample to auto-generate Word documents from each blog post by converting each article’s HTML into Word format using MariGold.OpenXHTML
  • The code segments are wrapped in <pre> tags on the site, but these don’t convert easily into Word, so I’m setting each code block’s CSS style to use Courier-New fonts before the conversion
  • I also fixed a bug around converting newline characters into <br> breaks within the <pre> tags
  • Images are still broken as of this writing, as each image tends to appear in their original size, going off the page throughout each Word document. This should be fixed soon.
  • The content currently covers a combination of ASP .NET Core 2.2 and 3.0 (Preview). In the weeks/months ahead, the content will be updated to include Core 3.0 across the entire series.
  • The complete eBook will be available as a free PDF.

eBook cover

eBook cover

You can find the Worker Service sample code on GitHub:

Web Worker Service Sample: https://github.com/shahedc/WorkerServiceSample

The (unpolished) auto-generated Word documents are also available in the GitHub repo, within a “chapters” subfolder:

Stay tuned for updates!

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