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Testing in C# using Visual Studio

Link to module: C# testing in Visual Studio 

Testing is an important part of shipping and maintaining an application. 

To really make writing and running tests a part of your everyday workflow, it needs to be easy to author and run tests. Not only that, but it also needs to be fast. One of the great features of Visual Studio is its ability to support different test frameworks but also the tooling around authoring and running tests.

In this module, you'll do the following:

  • Write a test: Learn the basic parts of writing a test and use test projects that reference your product code.
  • Use Visual Studio to run and debug your tests: See the output of your tests and interact with a whole suite of tests.
  • Sharpen your test-writing skills: Use Fluent Assertions, data-driven tests, and mocking to expand your testing skills.

Link to module: C# testing in Visual Studio 

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