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I've had trouble mixing some of my non-tech related hobbies into my dev practise and life.

The few that I was able to mix in where related to either my podcasts or productivity and automation.

I'd love to find a way to reinforce my love of Japanese history, or playing bass guitar with my dev work. But I've yet to come up with a way that I can do that.


I also love Japanese culture and history, and in high school I made a website that was a research project of sorts about Japan. It's not the most exciting way to combine the two but I recommend doing some googling and see what sorts of things you might find that other people are doing. It might inspire you!


Yeah, I guess you're right.

In fact, I'm giving a talk tomorrow on Blazor and need a new demo. If I have any time beforehand, I'll create a timeline of Japanese history using it.

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