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Best Mobile Apps For Couples Who Want To Stay Connected

Being next to your soul mate every minute gives you joy and warmth. However, time can also be spent with benefit. You can share secret desires, learn something new about your loved one, and just have fun together via mobile apps. Also, with their help, you can not miss important dates and always be aware of the upcoming significant days for the relationship.

Top Mobile Apps For Couples

Here are some of the top apps for couples to consider:

1) Truth or Dare

In it you can play the popular game "Truth or Dare" with a choice of the level that you desire. Questions will be highlighted for you and your loved one, but you will have to answer them extremely truthfully. Otherwise, you need to perform the specified action.

The app can be used on dates. Truth or Dare offers a special mode for intimate life with more explicit questions and challenges for couples in love.


  • Thousands of questions with tasks for a couple.
  • Difficulty levels with the frankness setting.
  • The ability to create your own game.

Couples can play not only on their own. The app offers modes for a big company to play at a party or even within a family circle without frank and embarrassing questions or actions.

2) Desire

The application is designed to help couples diversify their relationships and intimate life. It is equally suitable for people with new relationships and those who have been married for a long time. Desire will push you to discover new horizons and rethink life. And your relationship with your partner will freshen up and become stronger.

In Desire, you have to choose from hundreds of tasks or create your own and challenge your soul mate. For each consent to the accomplishment of the assigned task, the person receives points. And with their accumulation, hotter tests open up for couples. The application also offers access to a private chat with the ability to send photos and secret communication. This functionality is extremely useful for couples who are at a distance.


  • Daily task updates.
  • Secret chat for a couple with sending a photo,
  • Private diary with history of events.

You can also take part in the daily quiz. The phone will ask you and your loved personal question.

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3) Couple Widget — Love Events Countdown

One of the most popular apps for couples in love. With it, you will be aware of the most important information about your relationship. And you will not forget to congratulate your soul mate.

All events are displayed inside the built-in calendar. You can also view a list of the nearest dates, indicating the number of days remaining until them. The customizable widget is capable of displaying this information in a variety of formats.


  • Accurate counting of events and holidays in the relationship of a couple.
  • Several days advance notice of important dates.
  • Ample opportunities for customizing the interface or widget.

The application will be useful to both partners. And to exclude the access of unauthorized people, you can set a numeric password for the entrance.

4) Never Have I Ever

The game contains thousands of questions with tasks of different levels of frankness. The essence of the game lies in the need to truthfully answer about any actions. If a person from a pair made it, then he drinks the selected drink. These games help couples relax, get to know each other, and build confidence.

You can also create your own sets of question cards. Therefore, it will be possible to organize the most fun evening for your partner, considering his interests. And before the standard game, you can choose one of four difficulties. If the tasks seem overly difficult or overt, then you just need to lower the level to easy.


  • Hundreds of questions with original problems.
  • Functionality for creating your own cards.

Love Calendar and Widget

The popular calendar app helps you keep track of all upcoming events for your couple. It calculates holiday dates from your first date, relationship start, engagement or wedding day. Also, the built-in tracker shows the elapsed time since any important event. And the dark theme makes the app comfortable to use at night.

The desktop widget shows all the information you need about lovers at the moment. You can customize it by its appearance or the displayed event. Also, colorful cards for many dates are available for lovers. You only need to choose one and send it to your significant other in any convenient way.


  • Event tracking with notifications.
  • Built-in greeting cards.
  • Convenient widgets for the desktop.

Such a calendar will be useful to all people in serious relationships. With it, you will not miss any date and will be able to immediately congratulate your loved one.

Which Of Us

This is one of the best apps for couples in love. It is a fun game with interesting questions. After launch, participants are shown a short phrase describing an action. It is necessary to determine which of those present performs it more often, more often or better. The application will help you find your common interests and will bring you a little closer.

Couples in love should choose the "Adult" mode. It is there that the frankest questions are found. They are all invented by the development team. Therefore, the effect of the game will be as vivid as possible.


  • Search for common interests, topics for communication and a fun pastime.
  • Hand-picked excitement questions.
  • Work without internet connection.

There is a limited amount of time available for questions. Therefore, each pair will have to answer quickly and honestly.


The above-mentioned apps are some of the best mobile apps that are designed for people in romantic relationships. The apps help strengthens the bonds of the relationship between the people involved. When you consider developing a mobile app for yourself and your loved ones, you should get in contact with a leading Android and iOS app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem.

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