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Best .NET Posts This Week: 20th December 2020

Here are some of the best .NET, C# and ASP NET posts from this week.

This Weeks Articles

Building a Code Analyzer for .NET

By Tim Heuer

What the heck is a code analyzer? Well if you are a Visual Studio user you probably have seen the lightbulbs and wrenches from time to time. Put it simply in my own terms, code analyzers keep an eye on your code and find errors, suggest different ways of doing things, help you know what you aren’t using, etc. Usually coupled with a code fix, an analyzer alerts you to an opportunity and a code fix can be applied to remedy that opportunity.

Improving Debug-time Productivity with Source Link

By Claire Novotny

How many times have you been in the debugger tracking down a bug, stepping through code, looking at what local variable values changed, when you hit a wall — the value isn’t what you expected, and you can’t step into the method that produced it because it’s from a library or .NET framework itself? Or you set a conditional breakpoint waiting to examine how some value got set, then noticing a call stack that’s mostly greyed out, not letting you see what happened earlier in the call stack? Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily step into, set breakpoints, and use all the debugger’s features on NuGet dependencies or the framework itself?

Scaling a Monolith Horizontally

By Derek Comartin

How do you scale a monolith? Scale-up? Scale-out? A monolith doesn’t need to be a big ball of mud! Monoliths with well-defined boundaries that are loosely coupled, you have a lot of options for scaling. With well-defined boundaries, you can scale out each boundary independently, including the database. Boundaries within a system are so important, regardless of Monolith or (micro)Services, and give you more options for scaling.

Open Telemetry - Observability in .NET Core Apps

By Sivamuthu Kumar

The software has never been more complex than it is today. Why? The monolithic is broken into microservices, distributed systems, heterogeneous tech stacks, cloud-native services, and so - to build resilient, powerful, efficient services and infrastructures. As the cloud adoption model grows, the need to monitor and observe the system is the precise requirement. In this blog post, let's see the overview of Observability, Open Telemetry, and the demo of integrating the Open Telemetry in .NET Core Apps.

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