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Arduino Reaction Time Test

My Project

The project that I recently worked on is a reaction time test made by using an Arduino. It works like so:

  1. Press the start button to begin.
  2. Now a randomly generated number will appear on the screen; the task is to press the corresponding button as quickly as possible, as it will be timed.
  3. This will be repeated 10 times and in the end, the user will see their average and total reaction time.

P.S. If you press the right button you will hear a snippet of the GTA San Andreas theme song, but if you press the wrong one you will hear a part of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. In the end, if you pressed all 10 buttons correctly you will hear a longer version of the soundtrack and thus be praised as the winner!

Link to Code

GitHub logo dragmakex / ReactionTime

A reaction time test game made with an Arduino


A reaction time test made with an Arduino.

Modules: Circuit board, speaker, LCD display, microcontroller

How I built it

I used the Arduino starter kit provided by our school. The modules that I used were the circuit board, speaker, an LCD and of course the Arduino microcontroller.


I have never worked with electronics before, so I had lots of fun connecting all the modules and trying out different things! I will definitely buy more parts in the future to work on bigger projects.

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