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PHP developer is learning Swift

c0d3b0t profile image Senik Hakobyan Updated on ・1 min read

PHP developer is learning Swift (2 Part Series)

1) PHP developer is learning Swift 2) Swift 5 - Basics: constants and variables

Swift programming language

Hello community!

In 2014 I started to learn Web Development and in 2015 I got my first job as PHP developer. I was maintaining a project built with CodeIgniter 2 framework and MySQL, and just like any other PHP developer in those days, I had to deal with JS/jQuery code.

Now I'm much experienced. During the last 5 years I worked on many projects using various tools and technologies. From Laravel to React Native, and even Bash, Python and some Java. I always push myself beyond my limitations when the question is about learning new technologies. And now...

I've decided to learn Swift 5.

Swift through the eyes of PHP developer! 😃

I'll be learning and writing series about Swift, and will try to compare it with PHP.

Exciting, though!


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