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Corentin Girard
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A funny thing about npm

Every now and then, I need to make a search on npm website. As I often do, I decided to add a new query URL in my browser.

So I searched for a random letter on npm website to see the pattern of the search query.

But, to my surprise, it redirected me to an existing package with this only letter as a name. "LOL", I thought.

Then I tried with "a" and it existed too! As a result, I eventually searched for all the alphabet and... all the alphabet exists! WOW. πŸ˜‚

As a proof, I made a quick script to gather all of them and their descriptions. You can find it here:

Here is the full list:

  • a : Mocking framework and test framework in compact when-style. With recursive test runner
  • b : Benchmarks for Node.js.
  • c : Set and remove comments from files and directories, and view them from the command line.
  • d : Property descriptor factory
  • e : A modern universal utility library.
  • f : Functional Microservice Request Library
  • g : Globalize module functions
  • h : generate HTML from javascript array structures
  • i : custom inflections for nodejs
  • j : CLI tool for working with spreadsheet files
  • k : new web framework
  • l : Mix Async/Sync code with Promises and Streams in a reusable unified line
  • m : mongodb version management
  • n : Interactively Manage All Your Node Versions
  • o : common object helper functions
  • p : pattern matching in javascript for asyncronous iteration
  • q : A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)
  • r : require relative to your root project
  • s : SheetJS Spreadsheet Helper Library
  • t : tree traversal and manipulation
  • u : A minimalist, functional utility library designed for embedding into another small program.
  • v : Secure, Synchronized, Realtime, Cloud, Native JavaScript Variables & Events
  • w : WordBox cli to quickly spin up PHP dev environments.
  • x : Apply HTML transformations using attributes
  • y : Simple object inspection tool
  • z : native pattern matching for javascript

Thank you for reading my first post! 😎

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