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I LOVE this post! I think, in our industry, there is this assumption that to be a great engineer you have to be hacking on something all the time. But that is simply NOT TRUE! I know so many brilliant engineers that have other hobbies or are parents and devote the majority of their free time to non-technical activities. I think I gravitate towards these types of people on social media bc they silently give me permission to pursue my non-technical passions.

In my free time I ride and show horses! This is a video of me at nationals last year where I got 4th. It is kind of like having another full time job and sometimes balancing work and riding is tough but it is SO worth it. I feel incredibly lucky to have two things that I am passionate about.


I play guitar, try to write music every now and then but I'm no good at it! :) I like skiing and will do that whenever I can afford to, and typically I am a gamer. But I now spend less time gaming and a bit more time reading now.


I write music, study Muay Thai/BJJ, hit the gun range, and love good movies.


When I'm not pushing buttons on a keyboard I'm pushing buttons on a controller.

Video games and TV shows... I have a very interesting life.

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