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Collaborating and Contributing

I had an easy time finding a partner to work with this week on Slack, but unfortunately I was transported to hospital for an unexpected injury. Oh the pain... Life is like a box of chocolates I suppose.
Anyway, when I got back, my partner had already helped add markdown features to my project. I had forked his project before but unfortunately, someone else had already worked on markdown.

I had fun fixing issues within my own project. I did run into a few issues like being unsure how to use CMake. I eventually figured it out with some research and was able to add versioning, as well as cross compatibility.
I was surprised to learn about new features in C++17 that make cross platform much easier such as


It was nice having a partner to fix issues with my code. I have never merged a pull request for my own project before and it was a really cool process that I hope to continue to do again in the future.
Some issues with my project include not having support for titles in HTML, which is supposed to detect two blank lines after the title. Another issue included not working with other platforms and also not supporting folders. I was able to fix majority of the issues filed and enjoyed finding ways to solve them. Closing the issue with a solution was very rewarding.
Testing and reviewing to ensure everything is working accordingly was time consuming but worth it in the end. Having a project that works well for everyone and doesn't have too many bugs is always a priority.

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