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Andrew Stuntz
Andrew Stuntz

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What are the pros and cons of StimulusJS and AlpineJS?

I've been using StimulusJS heavily on two rails apps I have been working on and honestly, I'm loving it. But, I have been reading and hearing a lot lately about AlpineJS. What are the pros and cons? Should I be using AlpineJS instead of StimulusJS?

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Ian bradbury

This is a great topic.

I needed some page/server interaction so I investigated Stimulus. I watched a few videos etc and thought - okay - let's do this. I did complete the feature(s) but I was never comfortable.

Then I started using Tailwinds and came across AlpineJS. I'd never heard of it before so I watched a few videos etc etc and it was like a eureka moment.

I realised I was not happy with how Stimulus integrates into a project. It makes backend changes that I just don't understand - like a big black box in my code. And it's definitely all or nothing.

AlpineJS however is super light and all in the client. Sure you loose the direct model/controller integration but isn't that what json api calls are for? I've found it extremely easy to work with and have yet to find a feature I can not deliver.

I have one last Stimulus feature to remove. When I get the time - that will be refactored to AlpineJS and then I'm done with Stimulus.

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Stimulus is a 100% front-end technology. You could run it off a CDN if you wished to.

Honestly, I just don't believe that you've done a lot with Stimulus because what you're saying just doesn't make any sense. Is it possible that you didn't use it properly?

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Andrew Stuntz Author

Interesting. What are the backend changes that are happening??

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Ian bradbury

I'd say mainly in the use of a Gem and changing the location of code, stimulus code lives in it's own directory off of the Javascript directory. I really like that you add AlpineJS inline with your html - it makes for super readable code. With Stimulus I have to go hunting.

I'm ignoring the need for Yarn and Webpack as I have grown comfortable with these technologies, especially as they do seem to work. I know that I could use CDN's but I'd rather be in control and know exactly what is being served to users.

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