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Swastik Dwivedi
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Asus-ESS : Easy setup script for setting up laptops after GNU/Linux installs

Github : Asus-ESS

I Distrohop a lot and I found myself doing all this stuff manually which eventually got tiresome. So I created this script to help other Distrohoppers and new Linux users for easy setup and fixing of common issues.

Features of script

It takes backup before manipulating stuff for easy recovery

Main menu

Supported Package managers

Package Manager
On running the script for the first time, it will ask for your package manager.

Asusctl: only for Asus laptops

It will install Asusctl which is a tool developed for Asus laptops as an alternative of Armourycrate which used in Windows. It manages CPU profiles, fans, RGBs and a lot more. So if you have never heard about Asusctl, here is a link for it : Asusctl

Mic not working option

Mic not working
Many a times some Linux Distros have an issue of determining your codec. This option prints your codec and gives u a link to check what codec you would require for proper functioning of your microphone.

Mount Ntfs partitions at boot

ntfs partition

Dual booting a laptop has its own issues. Many a times Windows causes issues with mounting NTFS partitions under Linux. This option gives you an easy approach to mount your partitions at boot without going through the wiki.

Squeeze Maximum Battery life

Most Linux distros ship with Tlp by defaullt as it helps save power and minimize heating up under loads. This options installs a Tlp configuration file which is customized for saving power on laptops with an igpu and dgpu. It also installs a systemctl service file which puts pci to powersaving mode.

Cache and unused dependencies

I love Linux but sometimes I find myself in dependency hell when things don't uninstall along with their dependencies. This option helps take care of that. It uninstalls dependency packages left after removal of applications.

Pulseffects presets

Audio under Linux can be a lot customizable which might overwhelm some people. This script installs the most useful and generic presets for getting good quality sound output from your machines.

Mic input key not working

This option is only for Asus laptops. The issue is that the current keycode being emitted by the driver is only recognised by Wayland. X11 and desktops using X11 require F20 to be emitted. This option creates a new key and registers it in the hardware database.

Nvidia modules not loading in opensuse after update

Due to opensuse's rolling nature the kernel gets updated regularly but the nvidia kernel modules are not loaded up with the new kernel. This option re-installs the kernel modules.

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michaelcade1 profile image
Michael Cade

Great idea. I might try and fork and build something with those quirks for Razer laptops as well.

drunckj profile image
Swastik Dwivedi

best of luck mate.

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