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Bhavesh Kasturi
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Time Zone issue with Heroku

I've been using Heroku for a while now, Recently I was working on a project which was a basic chat application, It was built with Nodejs,, momentjs.

As it was a chat application I used momentjs for the timestamps on the messages, Everything was working fine locally, but when I deployed my app on Heroku I found that messages were not showing the correct time.

As the Heroku's default region is set to US & I was from India that was causing the issue. So basically momentjs was showing US Timezone.

So the problem was with Heroku's Timezone & Luckily Heroku allows us to change the timezone of our app just by simply adding a new config var.
After fixing the problem it was working fine :)

Here's the Solution:

Heroku Dashboard - Website

1- Login into the Heroku from a browser
2- Select your app
3- Go to the setting tab
4- Press "Reveal Config vars" button
5- Set the keys to "TZ" and value of your timezone (Eg: Asia/Kolkata)
6- Press the add button

Heroku CLI

1- Open your Command shell
2- Login into Heroku
3- cd into your App directory
4- Setup TZ

heroku config:add TZ="Asia/Kolkata"
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What is correct TZ value of your country ?

You can find your country's TZ value from this wiki page

India uses a single time zone for the whole country.
I looked on the Wiki page List of tz database time zones, but I was unable to find an entry for India.

If you can't find your country's TZ follow this link

Thanks for reading!

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Mrinmay Santra

Thanks for sharing!

I was facing the same issue and I followed the steps shown above the problem is solved!

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Bhavesh Kasturi Author

Glad it helped :)