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What is the different between using React Js and Next Js?

Next Js is React Js Framework, right? But what is really differentiate between using React Js directly, and using Next Js for React Js?

Please advise. Thanks

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Hussain Arthuna

I use NextJs whenever I’ve to develop something for React.
The benefits I get from NextJs over Create React App are :-

  1. Server side rendering.
  2. Out of the box routing.
  3. Ability to write server-less functions.

Hope this helps.

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Umar Luqman • Edited

Next.js is just a higher abstraction of React. Think it this way.

Language (JavaScript) -> Library (React) -> Framework (Next)

The higher the abstraction the more opinionated it is.

Why Next.js?

  • Performant out of the box.
  • One framework can be used for multiple prerendering methods like server-side rendering (SSR), and static site generation (SSG) on a per-page basis.
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Lazizbek Ergashev

React is s library for building user interfaces.

Next.js uses React. It's a framework for server-rendered React applications.

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