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Can a Motivational Speaker Motivate You?

Sometimes people expect motivation to come in the form of a magic bullet, rocket fuel or an remarkable pill that is unexpectedly going to make them more motivated. Similar to many things in life, there is hardly ever a quick fix, immediate motivator, or anything like that. However, inspiration can come as an 'ah -ha' event or come in the kind of a brand-new way of envisaging something in a different way to propel you into action.

Motivation is derived from the Latin word moveo; indicating to move, agitate, provoke, or inspire. Therefore, the first part of Motivation derives the Latin-- 'to move' and the second portion, in its most literal form means 'action'. The word motivation literally means-- To provoke or agitate into action.

As an example, if you wish to be motivated into losing weight, the motivation can often originate from being confronted with a new point of view. You might see yourself in the refelction of a mirror as looking overweight or may acknowledge you are having breathing or skin troubles, or someone has made a disrespectful remark about you.

Whatever the factor, we are all motivated in different ways. This motivation likewise originates from different locations too. Certain people's motivations can be intrinsic, suggesting that it is found internally. This could be a mindset, belief or worth that motivates us into action. Equally, inspiration can originate from an extrinsic source and be the outcome of external forces.
People or groups are encouraged or inspired to act or alter through both non-conscious and mindful motives.

Some a lot of people wait and wait to try and discover the best inspiration to make things take place however typically motivation originates from a much deeper location. A place within. However, there is likewise the other choice when something inspires a lot of people enough to act and this is the magic pill (if you like) that gives them the inspiration they need. And therein lies the catch-- they do not know what the magic tablet is to encourage them, so they don't understand what it is or where to discover it up until it presents itself.

As a motivational speaker myself, when I deliver my masterclasses or workshops , I'm typically approached to inspire others. It appears that other a lot of people are trying to find somebody else to deliver the motivation to them and another person has the secrets to make it take place. It could be argued that, this is possibly why ' inspirational speaker' is such a popular search term instead of 'inspiring speaker' 'sales speaker' 'keynote speaker' or 'leadership speaker'. Delaying the responsibility of inspiration and handing it to somebody else, permits them to sit back and if they aren't inspired-- you can blame elsewhere. Their self-talk could be "Well I wasn't really encouraged by that" and as a result, nothing alters.

The other risk of passing the buck to another person is that you end up being reliant on that kind of motivation. So, if you hire Duncan Stevens as a motivational speaker for your conference, sales-kick off, yearly meeting or business event once a year, you can end up falling into the trap of just being inspired once a year. If your inspiration boost originates from an external source there is less sustainability in it unless you employ them to come and deliver more routine workshops, keynotes, or masterclasses.
Whilst most clients don't employ Duncan to come in every week to keep their leaders and groups motivated and equally numerous people can't pay for to pay a individual trainer or nutritional expert or life coach every week, motivation has to come from within. One of the most powerful ways to remain motivated or create a culture of inspiration is to nurture it from within. This can be called self-motivation. Similarly so, we need to be able to distance our inspiration levels from tangible objects around us. Self-talk can be exceptionally damaging to our inspiration levels. If you find yourself stating "Well there is no healthy food for sale here, I may as well just buy some chips" or "I can't connect with any of my customers as I do not have my phone to hand" then these are factors not to do things.

Inspiration then boils down to a way to distance yourself from these things and even reframe them. Even better would be to prepare for these prospective issues and take a healthy lunch with you or get in touch with customers through email as alternatives.
I believe inspiration can be produced internally. You understand what inspires you. You could be driven by cash, food, an alcohol, winning at something or more. Using those motorists that currently exist within you can be very inspiring. Compromising these can be a powerful motorist.
Duncan Stevens is a professional motivational speaker and influence and persuasion expert. He explains among the 6 concepts of persuasion as being scarcity. People say yes to things that are rare, limited, or diminishing in supply. If you apply that exact same influence frame of mind to yourself and don't enable yourself to delight in one of your delights or pleasures in life, then this can be an incredibly powerful kind of motivation or self-motivation.

For some a lot of people, they need that preliminary increase, charge, injection of inspiration to get them begun. When you push yourself, this gets them looking at things in a brand-new way and realising what is really possible. This is what Duncan is hired for as a motivational speaker. Alongside fantastic material, great deals of actionable takeaways, and an academic and motivating speech Duncan is a highly searched for global inspirational speaker and keynote speaker.

Duncan Stevens has been a professional motivational speaker and keynote speaker for over a 10 years and influences companies through his highly effective Effective Influence Model, to help them become more effective and more persuasive more frequently.

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