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Enmanuel Durán
・1 min read

Hey, this is Enmanuel, just another passionate software developer like you, I love innovating where possible and bringing ideas to life, my most recent creation being

In a nutshell, Leenker brings the Browser's bookmarks experience online with extra capabilities, it is probably my most ambitious project so far and I am very excited to share it, I thought about writing a long text about it, but it is better to let the project do the talking instead of getting you bored.

If you want to get to know the why's of the platform, learn about it and its policy:

If you want to use it, I would highly recommend you to do it alongside the chrome browser extension for a better Experience

Finally, this is an in-progress project and has many things to improve, (Accessibility, security...) take into consideration that it was built by only one person, so your feedback would be highly appreciated, any bugs or improvements you may recommend you can send them to

Hope you like it.

Come join me on

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