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Abhishek Dutt
Abhishek Dutt

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First Time Participation in Open Source.

Its about Hacktoberfest 2020


Hey there, myself Abhishek Dutt, a second year CS undergrad, pursuing B.Tech from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.(India)
I am new to open source community. For the first time I did contributed to the open source community. I have a good hold on Data Structures and OOP language C++.

So I have officially completed this years Hacktoberfest 2020 Challenge. I have pushed 15 PRs, out of which 10 got merged.


So as I said earlier, I am quite novice to open source, so I just added codes written in C/C++,related to DS and Algorithms.
For eg:- Many are unaware of a very famous algorithms, known as the Dutch National Flag Algorithms.
I have pushed the code for the same.

I have also pushed codes for various basic DS like stack(all types), some related to Queues.


I really enjoyed being a part of such a big fest, with over thousand of maintainers and millions of contributors. I am really looking forward to keep on contributing to the Open Source Community.

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