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Jump-Start with React development (intro)

A team from another department was recently merged with mine and those new devs will jump from PHP development to React.

They are experienced developers, but of course, diving into a different tech stack can be if not daunting, at least time-consuming.
Therefore I prepared a presentation to speed up their learning curve.
I tried to condensate most of the basic and less basic concepts required to start building React Single Page Applications without having to worry too much about configuration, abstract constructs and trying to minimize their Javascript fatigue.

side effects

The result was a whopping presentation of 1 hour and 30 minutes with about 40 slides. I tried to minimize the lines of text in them and put mostly some bullet points, snippets of code and some funny gif here and there. (I hate when presentations are basically a wall of text read out loud...)

Since the presentation was scheduled just after lunch I was expecting some sleepy faces but I must say that it went quite smooth and - at least for me - it seemed way shorter than expected.

sleepy class

The audience was very small and I knew already everyone who was present, so in the end I was very relaxed and it did not really feel like a public speaking session, nevertheless, the room and the screen were quite big and the content long enough, so I consider it a good training and I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully, I will extend the presentation to other departments and I am planning to write some blog posts about React, Redux and Saga (which is the stack we are currently using) with excerpts from the workshop.

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will you write about react here on dev? if not you can post a link to your blog when you finish πŸ˜€