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Day 105 : Anniversary

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Did the show from my house again this week. What was good was that I didn't have to break down and set back up my equipment to do the show. Got to find a bright spot in this situation. Also realized that this show marked our 12 year Anniversary of us doing the radio show. Had a really good time hanging out with everyone. Thanks to everyone that supports us. The show's recording at

Joseph Lowery with his hand raised and holding a microphone with the words March 28th 2020, We ain't going back.

  • Sunday : Tried to relax a little. I bought another domain name. haha I also spun up a new project and did some research for a side project.

  • Professional : Today, I had some meetings. Found a post that a co-worker did that is similar to what I was working on. Looks like there were some new things added to the API so I'm going to see if I can incorporate it into what I have and refactor my code.

  • Personal : So, I spun up a new projectand added Firebase Authentication to it. I want to use phone verification because I want to check the number before allow a person to even be able to sign in. All the other authentication options allow for anyone to sign up and I don't want to use email/password.

Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin with Stone walls on both sides

Going to try and figure out the authentication for my project to night and go to bed early. Plus "Dispatches from Elsewhere" is on tonight.

Have a great night!

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