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Day 229: Sun in My Face

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liner notes:

  • Professional : Had 3 meetings today so I decided to head to the park and work from there. I didn't want to use my phone as a hotspot and with my Internet Provider, I can log into different WiFi hotpots around the park. Had my meetings and then built out some Vue 2 and 3 applications using the Web Component I've been using for my blog posts. It was pretty straightforward considering I've never done Vue before and only watched a couple of introductory videos and read through the documentation. I just need to create an application using Web Components with Vue 3 and the Composition API, that I'll need to look into more. Hopefully have that worked out in a couple of hours. It felt good to be able to stretch my legs and walk around the park with the sun in my face between meetings. Probably head here again tomorrow.

  • Personal : Last night pretty much consisted of going through tracks for the radio show and watching Vue videos.

View of the snow capped Pyrenees Mountains above the clouds from high in the atmosphere

Came to the park with around 79% left in my battery. Right now, it's around 93%. Not too bad considering it wasn't really all that sunny for most of the day. I'll probably spend the rest of the night finishing up the Vue demos and getting a draft of the blog post done so I can get it reviewed. Can't believe that it's Thursday already!

Have a great night!

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