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Day 33 : That Old Alarm

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got up early for a couple of presentations. Oh man, that old alarm! haha While I was up, I checked to see if there was a reply for a possible solution for the community member that had a question. The way they had things set up really wouldn't do what they want to accomplish. I hopefully got that across in my reply. I included graphs and everything. haha. Rest of the day, I've been working on the set up for the application I'm making. I am working on a process to make it easy for other team members to spin up a copy of the application and get it running easily. Thinking I may need to set up a database to keep track of some things. Firebase?

  • Personal : Last night I was able to get Markers placed on the map in my Sapper/Svelte app! It's not exactly the same way that the Svelte tutorial added a map and markers. I think I'm understanding it to the point where I can see how to get things to work when things are different. Next, I would like to create some controls that will go from one Marker on the map to another. I would like to also go through some tracks for this week's radio show.

A green hill with a single tree in Munnar, India

Tomorrow, I want to get the setup for the replication of the app coded so an admin account can be created. After work, there is a Orlando JavaScript meetup. Hoping to maybe showcase my Vote by Phone application that I made at the end. Going back to working on this map.

Have a great night!

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